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Rootsriders get signed copy of Ajax shirt from team captain Demy de Zeeuw & Kennedy for Instrument4Africa in 2010


Recording session of Soweto
youth choir for a Rootsriders track

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Dutch Tour preps well underway March 15 2013

We did our first rehearsal sessions this week. What a treat! Finally performing Bob’s magic songs again....It’s been 5 months or so since our last shows in the Caribbean and 2 years since our last serious tour in the Netherlands...Needless to mention we’re poised to give you guys the best possible shows we’ve got inside of ourselves. Be on the look-out for more news and details to come out soonest. Just follow us on Facebook for all our day-to-day updates.

Feb 17 2013

Tour posters 2013 Feb 15 2013

Below you can see a selection of the various tour posters for our upcoming tour. Rather than to use just 1 fixed poster we’ll give the participating venues the freedom to design their own posters. We feel they know best what works best in their territory, right?

Follow us on Feb 09 2013

For more day-to-day updates, stories and insight information on our project and especially our upcoming Dutch tour please start following us on

Tickets 40 years Catch A Fire tour on sale Nov 24 2012

Tickets for most of our shows for our upcoming 2013 Dutch tour are on sale now. Click HERE to check our show dates and to get your tickets.

Rootsriders & TheRoyal Rootsband; cooperation explained Nov 24 2012

Rootsriders will be backed by the same musicians of TheRoyal Rootsband that they toured with during their 2011 Bob Marley Legend Alive tour. They function as a backing band for international reggae artists such as Tanya Stephens, Maxi Priest & Gyptian, among many others, when these artists tour Europe. So needless to mention that we’re happy to extend our cooperation into this next tour.

Photo shoot Junior @Goudenmoment Nov 15 2012

Today Junior did a photo shoot for a book called ‘Gouden Moment’ (Golden Moment), in which children with down syndrome are portrayed together with their idols. Junior was paired with Suraya, a sweet young girl, not only a huge fan of Bob Marley but of Junior & our band as well. It was a very touching shoot, a true golden moment, with Junior & Suraya singing together and having a great time. The book will be published during ‘Boekenweek’, March 2013

Bonaire great fun but Curacao was a blast! Nov 15 2012

With only 2 shows in 9 days, we could take things really slow and the easy Caribbean way this time. Bonaire was a real treat, we were staying at one of the best locations on the island, including our very own little private beach. The staff at Spice Beach, where we did the show, did everything to make us feel at we did! About 500-600 Marley fans showed up at the night of the concert to support us & enjoy our show. It was all about good vibes, as always. After a few more days of chilling at our beach & drinking Pina Colada’s & Fresh Fruit Daiquiris it was time to move on towards Curacao for our headlining show at Zanzibar Beach, one of the hot spots on the island. We stayed at a cosy resort opposite the venue and could take things easy again for the show was still a few days away. Better follow us on facebook/rootsriders where you’ll find tons of pics & much more frequent updates (than you’ll find here). Friday Nov 9 was our night and what a great night it would be: about 2.000 beautiful Marley fans showed up while only half of them were expected to show up (in the most optimistic estimates by what others told us would show up). One local newspaper counted a crowd of 5.000 (people can exaggerate), but wether it were 2, 3, 4 or 5.000 people, the show was a big success. Nov 11 we flew back home.

Caribbean shows October 30 2012

We’ll be doing 2 shows in the Dutch Caribbean the next few days: Saturday November 3 on the island of Bonaire at Spice Beach, show starts at 5 pm & Friday November 9 on the island of Curacao at Zanzibar Beach, show starts at 8 pm. Our lead singer Junior Tecla currently resides on Curacao where he is building a pretty successful career with his own music these days. These shows will be the first ones since we did a few shows last May in the Netherlands.

Update tour dates October 28 2012

As we stated earlier, coming spring we will be out on the road again for a series of at least 18 shows throughout the Netherlands. Not all these dates are officially announced by all participating venues yet. We’ll update you as soon as these shows will be announced.

Tribute2BobMarley by Rootsriders Catch A Fire 1973-2013 tour: Tour dates are set! July 20 2012

The majority of tour dates for our Dutch tribute to the 1973 Catch A Fire album anniversary tour next year are set! We will start Thursday April 11 at Mezz in Breda and will conclude the tour Saturday May 11 at Effenaar in Eindhoven for a grand commemoration of Marley’s passing by what better way than to remember and celebrate his timeless words & music. With only a few dates left to be filled in we are happy to announce that the first shows will be on pre-sale this weekend: Burgerweeshuis in Deventer, P3 in Purmerend, Luxor Live in Arnhem, Paard van Troje in Den Haag & Effenaar in Eindhoven. For more details check the venue’s website of your preference (links can be found in the ‘Agenda’ section of this website).

IMPORTANT: Buy your online tickets only through the links you’ll find on the venues’ websites and NOT through fraudulent ticket sellers you’ll find through a Google search, such as!!! Many Dutch venues partner with as their official online reseller. Again, you’ll find their link (as well as those of other official resellers) on the venues’ websites. Check for more info (in Dutch).

Tribute2BobMarley by Rootsriders Catch A Fire 1973-2013 tour soon to be announced July 16 2012

Next April 2013 it will be 40 (!) years ago The Wailers released their international debut album Catch A Fire followed by the Catch A Fire tour with which they took the world by storm. All the right reason to embark once more on a Dutch nation wide tour to celebrate this incredible & revolutionary album. We’ll start April 11 and end on May 11 2013, the day Marley passed away in 1981 (which y’all knew of course). With this show we’ll return to the days when Marley, Tosh, Bunny & the rest of the members were still acting as a band. Tour dates will be announced soonest!

Bevrijdingsfestival what a way to come back May 07 2012

It wasn’t a comeback. For that, we haven’t been away long enough. But it sure was a fantastic way to come back after 10 months. As the closing act we were welcomed by a huge & enthusiastic crowd at Park Transwijk in Utrecht (throughout the Netherlands 12 major festivals are organized celebrating the liberation from Nazi-Germany, marking the end of WW II). With this show our mini-tour got its perfect start. Next stop: May 10 at Bourbon Street in Amsterdam. For more details, pictures, etc. like our band page at

Mini Tour 2012 March 29 2012

Okay, we admit it. We can’t live without Marley’s music no longer. Because close to a year since we’ve called it the day we decided to hit the stage again for a few tribute shows this May. To commemorate Marley’s passing May 11 but even more to celebrate his life and his incredible music together with YOU, Marley lovin’ peeps just like us. Only for a few shows....But we’ll never say never again ; )

Thanks everybody! September 1 2011

After about 500 shows in 5 years Rootsriders will take a break for a while. All individual members will focus on their own/other (solo) projects. We might pop-up occasionally in 2012 again, but might as well we won’t. Stay on the look-out and like us on to stay informed. Thanks for supporting us for the past 5 wonderful years. Bless up & stay healthy!

Legend Alive Tour was a blast May 15 2011

2011 has been all about commemorating and celebrating life and music of Bob Marley for us so far. With our 2 final shows joined by Maxi Priest & Brinsley Forde (Aswad) the tour came to it’s rightful conclusion after close to 40 shows. We’ll be doing some more (festival) shows this summer before we’ll take a sabbatical. We hope you all enjoyed the show as we did ourselves. Although we know it’s time for a break we’re gonna miss performing Bob’s magical tunes for sure!

Counting down the hours: Tour premieres tonight at Mezz Breda  February 3 2011

Tonight Bob Marley’s Legend alive Tour finally starts with a pocket full of shows (tonight at Mezz Breda, Feb 4 at De Kade Zaandam, Feb 5 Underground Lelystad & Feb 6 (birthday Bob Marley) Waerdse Tempel Heerhugowaard. This tour is a joint effort of us (Rootsriders) & The Royal Roots Band (backing band Gyptian): We’ve never been better than we are today! Our youngest talent Ashwin Jaydee will be the support act, so lots of good music and good vibes too. So get your tickets for this final tour & come to see our show!

Radio Promo’s for upcoming tour (start Feb 3)  January 25 2011

Some promo performances for our Dutch tour:

January 29 16:00-18:00 Tros Muziekcafe, Radio 2;

feel free to drop by, check for directions

Feb 01 21:00-00:00 Dichtbij Nederland, Radio 5

Feb 04 14:00-16:30 Vrijdagmiddag Live, Radio 1;

feel free to drop by, check

More to follow soon!

December 3 live at Nachtegiel (Dutch national radio/tv)  November 27 2010

Ashwin Jaydee & Rootsriders will perform a few songs of Jaydee’s forthcoming album on Giel Beelen’s Freaknacht December 3 to 4, which will be aired live on both ‘3FM’ as well as on ‘Nederland 3’, Show starts 1 am, come check it out!

Grote afscheidstournee Tribute2BobMarley tussen geboortedag en 30e sterfdag van de koning van de reggae (press release in Dutch)

Met een gecombineerde theater- en clubtour neemt de formatie Rootsriders, beter bekend van hun Tribute2BobMarley livehows, afscheid van hun eerbetoon aan Jamaica's grootste reggaeartiest Bob Marley. Na 5 jaar vrijwel non-stop touren in binnen- en buitenland zet de formatie een punt achter het succesvolle project (het begon ooit met een uitverkochte eenmalige herdenkingsshow op Marley's 25e sterfdatum in 2006). Maar niet nadat nog een keer alles uit de kast getrokken wordt voor hun allerlaatste tour, de Bob Marley's Legend (A)Live Tour die op Marley's geboortedag in februari 2011 van start gaat en op zijn 30e sterfdatum op 11 mei in de Melkweg in Amsterdam met een speciale slotshow wordt afgesloten. Daarna vertrekken de bandleden voor een tour naar o.a. de Nederlandse Antillen en Afrika (Mozambique, Swaziland, Zuid-Afrika en Zimbabwe). Een deel van de opbrengst gaat naar het project Instrument4Africa, waarmee de band al een aantal jaar getalenteerde Afrikaanse muzikanten ondersteunen met o.a. het mogelijk maken van professionele geluidsopnamen en videoclips. Tijdens eerdere tours zamelde zij gebruikte muziekinstrumenten in die met enige regelmaat naar Afrika zijn verscheept. 

Bob Marley's Legend (A)Live Tour, waarin alle grote hits de revue zullen passeren, zal naast de Melkweg o.a. te zien zijn in Ahoy, Effenaar, Waerdse Tempel, Paard van Troje en nog zo'n 30 andere poppodia, theaters en schouwburgen door heel Nederland. De tour is een verwijzing naar het greatest-hits album Legend dat postuum na Marley's dood werd uitgebracht en waarvan er sindsdien wereldwijd meer dan 25 miljoen exemplaren zijn verkocht. Een van Nederlands grootste reggae/dancehall talenten Ashwin Jaydee zal tijdens de gehele tour het voorprogramma verzorgen en liedjes van zijn debuutalbum ten gehore gaan brengen. De voorverkoop van de tour is inmiddels begonnen. Check voor verdere details.

Ashwin Jaydee on tour in Southern Africa  July 13 2010

Ashwin Jaydee & Rootsriders are currently on tour in Southern Africa. After shows around FIFA World cup in Johannesburg Ashwin and his band are now recording songs in Swaziland where they’ll do a show on Friday 16th.

Lady: New video for Ashwin Jaydee  July 1 2010

Ashwin Jaydee releases his latest single and video Lady together with Europe’s largest reggae distributors Sound Quake. The track is a cover of an 80s country & reggae classic written by Lionel Richie. The reggae version was made famous by Wayne Wade who turned his version into a genre-classic in his own right.

Ashwin Jaydee - Video Miss Jane added to playlist TMF June 22 2010

After FunX Radio, Music Channel TMF is the next major (Dutch) network to add Miss Jane to it’s - urban - playlist. Support us by clicking on the video link below and rate the video. Because: Support us = support reggae music! Watch & rate Miss Jane on TMF:

Ashwin Jaydee & Rootsriders at FIFA Worldcup 2010  May 28 2010
(in Dutch)

Deze week ging SKOP GAT van start, een muzikale campagne ‘vir jong talent in Suid Afrika’. Tien artiesten maken een speciale track met een Zuid-Afrikaanse artiest. De tracks kunnen gedownload worden via De opbrengst van de downloads gaat naar de oprichting van een ‘Talent Factory’ voor jong creatief talent in Johannesburg en Kaapstad naast de Cruyff Courts (voetbalvelden van de Johan Cruyff Foundation).


In de townships van Kaapstad en Johannesburg barst het van de jongeren met een onwaarschijnlijk talent voor muziek, dans, theater en film. Er zijn alleen geen faciliteiten voor deze jongeren, laat staan mogelijkheden om hun creatieve talent te ontdekken en te ontwikkelen. Waar dat voor ons leuke afleiding en entertainment is, is het voor de Afrikaanse jongeren veel meer dan dat. Jongeren zijn namelijk erg kwetsbaar voor problemen als armoede, conflicten en ziekte. Om hen aan oplossingen te helpen, wil SKOP GAT deze problemen ombuigen in uitdagingen. Een Talent Factory geeft jongeren in de townships de middelen en mogelijkheden om hun uitdagingen aan te gaan.


Onder de rebelse titel ‘SKOP GAT’ (Afrikaans voor ‘kick-ass’) laten onder andere Blaxtar, Dennis, Typhoon, Giovanca, DJ Franky Rizardo, Kern Koppen, Ashwin Jaydee & Rootsriders, Joep Pelt en Eric Vloeimans van zich horen. Deze artiesten willen het enorme potentieel van jonge creatieve Afrikaanse talenten in de schijnwerpers zetten. Tijdens het WK voetbal treden de Nederlandse artiesten met Zuid-Afrikaanse artiesten op in Nederland én in de townships van de speelsteden in Zuid-Afrika. Daarnaast nemen zij een track op die op de SKOP GAT-website voor € 0,99 gedownload kan worden.

Het geld dat in 2010 in Nederland en Zuid-Afrika wordt ingezameld gaat direct naar het opzetten van een Talent Factory naast de - reeds bestaande - Cruyff Courts in Hillbrow en Philippi. Zo gaan sport en muziek hand in hand!


Live at Amsterdam Arena  May 7 2010

Ashwin Jaydee and his Rootsriders fam (Jay Colin & Mitchell) performed live at Amsterdam Arena to celebrate Ajax Amsterdam’s victory over arch-rivals Feyenoord to take home 2010’s League Cup. Over the past year or so Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds (‘Don’t worry, about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright’) became a true stadium anthem and since Rootsriders are THE Marley tribute in the Netherlands, they were asked to perform the song last night. The vibes were good, very very good!

Miss Jane moves on up in FunX XChart  May 7 2010

In it’s 4th week in Holland’s number 1 Urban Chart, Miss Jane still moves on up from no 18 last week to this week’s no 14 in the FunX XChart. Help Miss Jane to make it to the top 10 and vote here: and download the free Miss Jane Soulidarity Club Remix:

Back home  May 2 2010

After finishing up the video shoot on Bonaire, Ashwin and his manager (and now video director too, lol) returned back to Curacao for 1 final show at Zanzibar Beach together with the band and Junior of course. This morning Ashwin and Rootsriders returned in Netherlands safely. BTW, Wednesday May 5th you can see the band at Wageningen Bevrijdingsfestival performing at 14.30 at Salverdaplein.

Video Shoot What’s Yur Name (next single)  April 30 2010

Ashwin Jaydee & his manager Cyril van Schooten are working on the new video for Jaydee’s next release on the beautiful island of Bonaire. Cyril is directing the video and arranged the biggest crib and the hottest girl on the island (see picture section)! After a kind of slow start of more or less chilling with the good vibes the two have been working hard to bring the right vibes home. Bonaire’s hottest lady Bena B Charles most definitely spices up the video with her on-screen charisma; wow, what a lady! The beautiful 3.2 million mansion tops it all off. This video will look good, no doubt about that.

Caribbean tour so far  April 27 2010

Did 2 shows last weekend, one on Bonaire, the next day on Curacao. Nice big crowds, nothing but good vibes too! Ashwin Jaydee and his manager flew back yesterday night with private plane to Bonaire to start shooting video for his next single today, so be on the lookout for more!

Download free remix Miss Jane on  April 27 2010

Download for free Ashwin’s own clubremix of Miss Jane ft rapper Jay Colin and RnB/soul singer Mitchell at, follow this link:

New single Miss Jane enters FunX XChart, cast your votes, please!  April 16 2010

Ashwin Jaydee’s new single Miss Jane enters this week’s brand new FunX XChart at no 27. Help to support us and vote for it at FunX website:

New tour dates Dutch Antilles  April 16 2010

All Dutch Antilles shows are rescheduled

April 24 Bonaire, City Cafe/Sense/Plaza
April 25  Curacao, Wet & Wild
May 01  Curacao, Zanzibar (Jan Thiel Beach)

Update Curacao/Bonaire  April 16 2010

Unfortunately we won’t be able to fly-out before next Monday April 19 or even Thursday 23. All our shows will soon be re-scheduled. Check our website for another update soon.

Curacao shows delayed due to volcano eruption  April 16 2010

Rootsriders & Ashwin were bound for Dutch Antilles for 3 shows & a video shoot for Ashwin Jaydee’s next single, but all flights from Amsterdam have been canceled since Thursday evening until further notice. At least the first show this Saturday is rescheduled to next Saturday April 24, hopefully show Wet & Wild on 18th is still on!

Ashwin Jaydee ft Rootsriders live at Ahoy  April 9 2010

Ashwin Jaydee & his backing band Rootsriders performed at Rotterdam Ahoy alongside international artists as Sean Paul, Blackstreet & Omega. It was the return of Ashwin’s original stuff on stage. Check it out here:

Ashwin Jaydee Video Shoot in Paris  March 11 2010

For his upcoming release together with Rootsriders, Ashwin Jaydee & his manager were in Paris for a few days together with video director Milan Amzic & Gillie Sneaky to shoot a video for their new spring release ‘Miss Jane’, a wonderful blend of reggae/dancehall, pop and jazzy vibes. Check our photo section for an impression!

Fundraising for Haiti  Feb 22 2010

During our club tour in February we’ve been raising money for Haiti to help out Laurrhie’s family a bit. All net proceeds of CD sales were contributed too. All together we’ve raised the total sum of $1242,98

Club tour ended, in Istanbul for new bookings  Feb 21 2010

With our two final shows last Friday and Saturday the tour has now ended. What better way than to end it at the close-to-sold out venue P3 in Purmerend. After performing so many ‘best of’ shows it was really a blessing to do so many lesser known songs out of the beautiful repertoire of Bob Marley. Right now I’m writing this from Istanbul, where I have a meeting with a promoter who wants to bring the show to Turkey coming June or July. We’ll be back....for sure!

Den Bosch, Groningen, Sneek; now this feels like touring...a bit!  Feb 14 2010

This weekend started in Den Bosch on Thursday at W2. It wasn’t packed; the slowest turn out for the entire tour so far, but still approx. 200 people, so enough good vibes were going on, but it took some time for the crowd to loosen it all up. The fact that we bring our favorite selection of Bob songs and not the obvious hits is something for some audiences to get accustomed to along the first part of the show. The next day at Simplon in Groningen started pretty lame. Due to technical limitations it took 3-4 hours for the local technical crew to get our sound ‘right’. But then again, as we started half hour too late, it became our best show so far, vibe wise. Full house, great reception for supports Laurrhie Brouns and Ashwin Jaydee and a true reggae audience that felt our non greatest hits show from start to finish. And apart from the technical challenges, the Simplon staff are among the friendliest in the country, providing the best tour catering as well! Most band members stayed overnight in the area for show number 3 at Het Bolwerk on Saturday in Sneek. Recently reopened after a renovation it now ranks among the top spots in the northern part of Holland, again with a staff that knows how to make a band feel at ease and willing to give a first class performance on stage. So we did, haha! Again for a full house. It’s almost a shame this tour is coming to an end already with two final shows next weekend in Almere and Purmerend. Be on the look-out for more news and vids to follow!

Yuli and Power Voices 4 Haiti raise almost €1800 for Haiti victims  Feb 8 2010

As some of you might know, one of our vocalist’s family has been hit hard by the Haiti earth quake. Fortunately nobody died, but deprived from all basic needs still (no aid has reached their area yet), many people try to do what they can for Laurrhie’s family and neighbours. During a fundraising sing-a-long on the streets of Rotterdam they collected €1800 for the people of Bourdon. Thanks Yuli, Dewi, Shirma and all those other talented artists who participated for reaching out!

First weekend of tour busy, cosy and successful  Feb 8 2010

Our first weekend of the February tour in honor of Bob’s 65th Birthday was busy, but fun. 4 shows, some radio promo’s + a charity event for Laurrhie’s family.

Recording featuring Ashwin Jaydee picked up by prestigious European reggae label  Feb 2 2010

The music (riddim) is produced by RD Music, keyboardist and co-producer for Ziggi. To many it has the potential to become THE ganja smokin’ anthem of 2010. 2 Alternative versions have been recorded. Coming out soon.

UPDATE: Family Rootsriders support act Laurrhie Brouns from Haiti deeply affected by quake - SAFE BUT HOMELESS  Jan 28 2010

Laurrhie finally talked to some relatives and can now officially confirm her entire family is save. No reason to throw a party, because still many friends, neighbors and fellow Haitians weren’t ‘lucky’ and did not survive the quake. Concerning her family: They did survive, but are all homeless and desperately in search of food, water and all other basic needs. Laurrhie’s and other family members who live outside Haiti try to send goods from neighboring Dominican Republic biweekly. So again, we will rally support during our upcoming shows and ask you, our audience, to give a donation in support of Laurrhie’s family and surviving neighbors. They deserve our assistance, for real!

Family Rootsriders support act Laurrhie Brouns from Haiti deeply affected by quake  Jan 19 2010

With so much destruction in her native country Haiti, it’s obvious that life of our support act for our upcoming tour, Haitian singer Laurrhie Brouns, will never be the same. Although most likely everybody of her family survived the horrifying quake which would be a miracle in itself, this is still not confirmed officially though, only by hear-say; even after a week she has not been able to reach a single family member yet, because all phone lines are dead. But it’s already save to say her family is hit hard anyway, they live right in the heart of the hardest struck area of the country’s capital Port-Au-Prince. In a way to help Laurrhie to help her family we will raise money during the tour. So if you’re planning to visit one of our upcoming shows, please be generous and support Laurrhie!

Rootsriders ft Giovanca - Children Cry: Buy on iTUNES to help AIDS-orphans Swaziland!  Jan 3 2010

Rootsriders and soul singer Giovanca recorded the track Children Cry to support the wonderful children of Malkerns in Swaziland. Proceeds of the track will go to the Moya Centre who help these kids with food, health-care & educations. Mind you to realize that these children have no other means of support and often have to take care of their siblings as well from the age of 8, 9 or 10 years old. Rootsriders visited the project in 2008 for a workshop. With proceeds of this track they want to express their admiration and support the work of the brave people of the Moya Centre. Help us to support and buy this song!

Watch video Children Cry recorded on Zanzibar

Tribute2BobMarley Club Tour: Celebrating Marley’s 65th Birthday Feb. 2010  Dec 30 2009


Feb 05  Dordrecht Bibelot
Feb 06  Amstelveen P60
Feb 07  A’dam Arena (17:15), Waerdse Tempel (18:30)
Feb 11  Den Bosch W2
Feb 12  Groningen Simplon
Feb 13  Sneek Het Bolwerk
Feb 19  Almere Anno
Feb 20  Purmerend P3

Last theatre-show in Amsterdam big success despite heavy weather conditions  Dec 20 2009

Despite freezing cold weather conditions and heavy snow outside over 700 Bob Marley fans showed up to see Rootsriders perform their Bob Marley’s Babylon By Bus Live show for the 50th and final time this year.

Rootsriders perform at Amsterdam Arena at half-time soccer match  Dec 18 2009

Rootsriders performed at half-time soccer match Ajax at Amsterdam Arena. They sang Three Little Birds for almost 35.000 spectators. This Bob Marley song became the new Ajax club anthem over the past year or so, so the band was invited to sing it live.

Dutch Nr. 1 Rock star Anouk and her fan club donate proceeds auction  Nov 03 2009

The annual auction-for-charity by Anouk and her fan club generated €5.000 for Instrument4Africa. With this money 2 shipments of instruments can be shipped to Africa. Needless to say that we are over the moon! Special thanks to Fons, Anouk & Kees & the entire fan club staff.

Singing Marley tunes for Google’s top executives is fun!  Oct 8 2009

We we’re flown in to NYC to sing Marley tunes for Google’s top executives at an exclusive event. Those Google bosses got taste!

Theatre tour premieres with sold-out show in Rotterdam  Sep 25 2009

Our 2009 theatre tour Bob Marley’s Babylon By Bus Live started at sold-out Oude Luxor Theater in Rotterdam.

Caribbean tour 2009 came to a close  Sep 12 2009

After 5 shows in 7 days and a video shoot for Rootsriders second single taken from last album So Much More, the band returns home safely. Highlight of the tour were the final show on Curacao, one of the Dutch Antilles & the video shoot on St Eustatius.

Rootsriders live from tour bus at Giel Beelen on 3FM  Sep 4 2009

Rootsriders performed their new single Children Cry live at Giel Beelen at 6:45 AM from their tour bus outside the radio station.

Rootsriders present first single to The Wailers in Paradiso  Sep 4 2009

Rootsriders presented their first single Children Cry ft Giovanca at a sold-out concert at Paradiso Sept 2nd. They jammed with the Wailers on stage both Sep 2nd and 3rd (at Watt Rotterdam).

Ashwin Jaydee records with legendary reggae producer in London  July 12 2009

Straight from Africa Ashwin & his manager Cyril van Schooten flew to London to meet-up with legendary reggae engineer/producer Carlton ‘Bubblers’ Ogilvie (Maxi Priest’s Bonafide). They’ve recorded a few ideas, later to be worked on more thoroughly.

Rootsriders & Giovanca performed live at Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF)  July 5 2009

Rootsriders and Giovanca performed 2 shows at ZIFF, One of Africa’s leading film festivals. They also shot a video for their upcoming single Children Cry taken from the album So Much More which was recorded during various tours in Africa over the past 2 years. Proceeds go to Instrument4Africa and Moya Centre in Malkerns, Swaziland who help to shelter, educate and feed orphans who lost their parents of AIDS related illnesses.